Last Updated on September 3, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

Good Evening!!!!

Well we dodged a bullet so to speak!!!!
.  The weather forecasters on this storm and all there predictions have been wrong except for the last two days when they said the storm would move north which I am thankful it did and we are out of danger. This occurred when it was only 85 miles off the coast of Florida and on the exact latitude of West Palm Beach if it continued west.  We just received some driving rain from some wind squalls from time to time and gust of winds but does not appear to be significant.  It did cause a lot of concern and angst  for everyone  but we are moving to put this behind us and focus on the job at hand. We are still performing post hurricane inspections as we have to inspect all homes to ensure they are ok, no leaks from the rain, no damage and unlatch garage doors that were secured etc.  You will be receiving post hurricane report over the next two days as we will inspect every home in the next 48 hours   We are opening up homes starting tomorrow of  all clients in residence with shutters will have them opened by Thursday night the latest.  We will then start opening shutters in communities that require this and leaving the rest shut unless we hear from you otherwise.

There is another disturbance in the Atlantic very far away and we will watch this so if you are not planning on coming down any time soon I would recommend leaving your home closed up as long as possible as the heart of hurricane season is over the next 45 days and waters are extremely warm.  For anyone who is planning on arriving next week we may be a few days behind if you had requested pressure washing, window washing etc.  We are working as quickly as possible but need to open up all homes first . We then will move onto normal operations. If your plans have changed due to the storm please let us know.

We  have learned a lot from this storm and will be making some tweaks to our processes. . The key is preparing early which we did. Even though ultimately the storm did not hit us we were prepared and your home was secure and hopefully we gave you some sense of peace of mind as you were not here watching . The hurricane preparation is an expense  to you but it is the price we pay for living in such a beautiful area of the country.  I will send a final email in a few days to everyone regarding some issues I see out there with preparation and how some communities make it very difficult for us to do our job as effectively as we would like which in the end costs you more money. I also think you should file a grievance with the National Hurricane Center  :)  They were the ones predicting the storm. Putting up shutters and closing your homes is expensive but a precaution we have to take.

My heart goes out to the residents of the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas. They were devastated. When I think about it I realize even though the storm did not hit us you have to prepare because you just don’t know the predictability  and how powerful mother nature can be. If we dd not prepare and the storm hit us like it did the Abacos your homes would have been damaged severely. We were lucky this time !

The other thing is I do need your help . Social media is huge these days.  If you feel we did a good job with the storm I would appreciate you taking two minutes to post to a google review. Go the following link to post.

Thank you for being such great clients and communicating with us during the storm. We truly appreciate this and truly appreciate you trusting us with the care of your home. As you can see we do not take this lightly.