Last Updated on June 3, 2024 by Gardens Home Management Services

Today marks  the first day of Hurricane Season!!!  

The reason for my email is to let you know we take  protecting your home during hurricane season very seriously. We have already been preparing , organizing work orders, purchasing hurricane supplies, starting the process of lubing and cleaning shutters and organizing and refining all processes  to make sure all goes smoothly should a storm come our way and your home needs to be closed up.

If a storm comes our way WE WILL BE READY and go into action to secure your home. We cannot wait till the last minute . Last year a storm was predicted to be a category 1 storm and then overnight with the warm waters turned into Category 4 storm.

A great site to track any disturbances or storms that may be forming is the National Hurricane Center’s Website. If a storm is forming in the Atlantic and has any potential threat we will be communicating to you via email and also be updating our website to keep you informed.

This year they are predicting a busier season than in previous years. You can read about the predictions from any of these sites:

Any questions you may have in regards to our hurricane program or preparing your home for a storm, please let us know & we will be happy to assist you. Please be rest assured if you are on our hurricane program list; your home will be secured & bundled up for any storms.