Last Updated on October 23, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

Preparing our clients homes for what could have been the most devastating hurricane to ever hit our area was appreciated by so many. Read to see what a few of our clients said about us during this difficult time, giving them the peace of mind they deserved while being away.

Thank you for your hurricane communication & action. Over the last few days I haven’t had to wonder even once what was going on in. Your email updates & proactive preparation was excellent. – Suzanne S.

We are so grateful to you and your team! Prayers that you and your families will be safe. – Mary Jane R.

Thank you for your continuing updates. As many of us are not in Florida it is a comfort to know that you and your team are looking out for us. We so much appreciate all that you do. – Carole S.

I think you have earned a drink! We love your spaghetti models! – Betty S.

We appreciate this very much & know that especially in weather events like this just how much organization, hard work & time goes into making sure every home is taken care of. – Marsha L.

Thanks for the updates. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. So glad we are your clients during this crucial time. – Jerry S.

Your tireless efforts on our behalf are greatly appreciated. This is a trying time & you have gone above & beyond during these conditions. – Jerry N.

Thank you for all the hard work. It is much appreciated. We hope you stay safe. – Sean G.

Thanks for a terrific job and for keeping us informed. Please stay safe. – Gary Z.

Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you helping someone during a very stressful time who is not even a customer. We are extremely happy that we changed management companies. – Cheryl F.

You did a really terrific job keeping us posted. It was appreciated & gave us peace of mind. – Alan B.

Thanks for giving us a sense of control & pro-activeness despite the fickleness of mother nature. Your emails have a calming effect on me. – Ken G.

Your updates have been amazingly informative. Now that you have done all you can do for your clients, I wish you well and hope that you and the rest of the team stay safe during this time. – Diana R.

Thanks for the very complete & informative updates. I am monitoring the storm on websites but your first hand messages are more informative & re-assuring. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. – Barry G.

We simply want to thank you for the first class way you and your team handle the process required by storms. We live in a volatile zone & need to lock down the steps needed to protect our homes. Then we need to execute. You and your team have done exactly that. It does not go unnoticed. – Greg S.

Thank you for the daily emails, they made me smile. They also made me feel that mother nature did not have all the control over this, we did have a little too. I look forward to working more with your company – Beth F.