Last Updated on March 30, 2020 by Gardens Home Management Services

Who would have thought we would all be experiencing such a crisis in our lifetimes.  Thing are changing daily but I wanted to give everyone an update on Gardens Home Management. I also wanted to wish everyone well and hope you are staying healthy!!

Our office is open, and we are out servicing clients. Many of our clients have left to go up north and are counting on us to watch their homes and take care of things and we are providing this service.  Even though there is an emergency order for businesses not to operate we are within law and parameters to continue to provide service to our clients and are considered an essential business.

Honestly business has been tough as we went from a thriving home management company to feeling like the Maytag repair man as our phones are not ringing for any requests.  It is hitting us hard, but we will survive and rebound when it is all over. but we do appreciate any business you can give us. We understand this as many people do not want us in their homes, but we can still do outside work like dewebbing homes, pressure washing, and other repairs. if you will allow us to come inside our staff is following all COVID-19 protocols and are wearing masks and gloves. We also are taking temperatures of all employees prior to them coming to work. So far, we have been fortunate as no one in the company has contracted the virus

As we have offered and still are offering if you want us to deliver your groceries, we can do this and will do at no charge. If you are thinking of departing as you want to be with family up north and do not want to fly, we will load your luggage and pack your cars for you at no charge. Lastly, we have a limited number of masks. If you need a mask and would like us to drop it to your home, we will be happy to do. We have only a limited amount but are trying to get our hands on more so this is on a first email basis and we will do our best to accommodate to help. Again, this is something we are doing at no charge and to help our clients.

There are many companies now offering disinfecting of your home for COVID-19 virus.  I did allot of research on this last week as was thinking of providing this service, but we could not get the equipment and material at this time. It is something we will be offering in the future but not right now.  Please be careful as the companies out there are taking advantage and charging exorbitant amounts of money playing off people’s fears.  The truth is that the virus can last on surfaces for up to 3 to 4 days so if no one has been in your house and you are not affected by the virus there is no reason to spray. When we do offer this service for next year to disinfect homes prior to arrival we will be using an electrostatic sprayer that will kill all germs and mold.  We will be doing this at about 1/2 the price that the current companies are charging

If you do plan on arriving back from a part of the country that is a hot spot we will not be able to provide service till the quarantine period is over as we do not want you to spread the virus and we do not want to take any chances of contracting it and then spreading to other clients.

Please click here to watch the video message from me to you. I figure with this is the best way to social distance but also say hello and give you a complete update.

I look at this as we are all in this together and if we all help each other we will overcome and come out stronger.  I also appreciate all your feedback and comments.

Please stay Safe and Healthy!!