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Chip SollinsMessage From The President

Wishing you a Happy & Safe LABOR DAY weekend! Our offices will be closed Monday, September 3rd and will reopen Tuesday for normal business hours. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to provide a better service for you and your home. It is very important to the GHMS Team that we provide a high level of customer service and ensure your satisfaction. Sincerely, Chip Sollins

Home Care Tips

Unsure of whether to replace or repair a window? Over time, your windows can become damaged or warped due to extreme temperatures, storms and other climatic shifts. If your windows have become unsightly or ineffective at keeping your home from losing its heated or cooled air, it may be time to consider repairing them or replacing them. Read more here!

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing: One of the most effective and affordable cleaning methods that can make your home look like new. Not only can this service drastically improve the look of your home, it can also remove unwanted contaminates including mold from your home. Contact Us!

Window Washing

Take window cleaning off of your list and give that task to us! We are detailed oriented in more ways than one, making sure that we provide you with the best professional window cleaning you could ask for. Interior & Exterior Windows Squeegee Cleaned We Wipe your Window Frames, Sills, & Tracks Screens Removed, Cleaned, and Replaced Contact Us!

High Cleaning

Hard to reach areas? No problem. GHMS will clean all the hard to reach areas in your home. Nobody want’s to come back to have dust building up in their home. A high clean goes above & beyond a standard cleaning. Wipe all high shelving units Dust ceiling fans Dust all high trim in your home Clean high mirrors and picture frames. Contact Us

Peak of hurricane season is NOW

Although the Atlantic hurricane season officially began on June 1st, we’re now entering the “season within the season” – a roughly eight-week period that is often the most active and dangerous time for tropical cyclone activity. One thing that doesn’t change as we move into and out of the peak of season is the need to be vigilant and prepared. Because it doesn’t matter whether activity levels are high or low – it only takes one storm to make it a bad year for you. Contact Us!

Hurricane Service Program

Gardens Home Management Services is helping our homeowners prepare their homes for season! If your home is in need of any of the below services, please feel free to contact us. Prepare For Season: Pressure Washing, Professional House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Washing, Handyman Repairs, Much, Much More! Contact Us!

Is Your ROOF Prepared?

Although your roof may not be leaking, roof inspections are important to ward off potential problems. Our roof inspections consist of checking for: Loose Tiles, Caulking Around Chimney, Gaps or Openings, Gutter Repairs & Cleaning, Exterior check only, Contact Us!

Schedule an A/C Check

We continue to experience extreme, record-setting summer heat, which means we’re all using more energy to keep our homes cool. Because A/C units run twice as long in the summer than during cooler months and account for more than half of your energy bill, you likely will notice your summer bills are higher than normal. .Is your electric bill higher than normal? Schedule an A/C check up with us and make sure your air conditioning unit is running efficiently.

Do you have a plan?

Creating an emergency plan is a great start in making sure your family is ready and knows what to do during a disaster. Think about some of these questions… Where would you evacuate to? Who would you call? Where are the safe areas? Is your home in a flood zone? We also suggest you stock enough supplies in a disaster kit to last each person in your family at least 3 days. Your kit should contain items like: water, non-perishable foods, a radio, flashlight, batteries, first aide kit, cash, important documents and toiletries, just to name a few.

Hurricane Websites

National Hurricane Preparedness Week Hurricane Activation Homepage State of Emergency Florida American Red Cross Florida Hurricane Homepage