Last Updated on August 4, 2020 by Gardens Home Management Services

Good afternoon!!

I am thankful to report that the storm did not hit our area!!! We were lucky and the storm stayed east of us about 45 miles from our coast, so we received little to no effects from the storm. It has been a rainy and breezy day but that is about it. We have had a few squalls that came through but nothing more than what a severe summer thunderstorm would cause.

Since the storm did not have any effect on our area, we are not performing post hurricane inspections and are just resuming normal home watch this week. If you want us to make a special trip to your home tomorrow, please email and we will accommodate and provide a post hurricane inspection at your request.

Even though the storm missed us it shows that being prepared is the key.  We were ready and will be ready to act should another storm come our way.  We will start opening homes tomorrow of clients who are in residence to open up their accordion shutters and take out furniture for them.  Then we will be opening accordion shutters to communities that require the shutters to be opened after a storm and will have this completed in the next 3 days which conforms to all HOA rules that you are under.  We will not be moving any furniture back out for clients who are not in residence unless requested.

This storm hit us earlier in the season than normal. As I mentioned in one of my other emails, we have now had 10 named storms which is the most since the National Hurricane Center started tracking storms. There is a disturbance out in the Atlantic which we are watching. A great site to follow is  which is the National Hurricane Center website. We will stay focused on the activity in the Atlantic and if any other storms come our way, we will be prepared to take action and communicate to all our clients.

Preparing and acting on storms is a very important component of what we do why you hire us to watch over your home. We take it very seriously and hope we met your expectations in this regard. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve I am open to your thoughts.

Hope everyone has a Great Sunday and rest of the weekend!!!