Last Updated on September 26, 2022 by Gardens Home Management Services

Good Afternoon:

There are presently 5 storms in the Atlantic that have formed.  Only 3 have a chance to hit our area but that is 3 too many in my opinion.  Hurricane Ian has a possible  threat to hit our region the middle of next week . It appears the storm will be hitting the west side of Florida but as you can see from the diagrams and models from the National Hurricane Center   where we get our information

We are not taking any action as of this email  but if this storm was to hit our area it would be Wednesday of next week.  They are not predicting hurricane force winds at this point but that could change.  It does not appear that we will need to put Panels on homes but with the wind it is recommended that furniture be put away if it is presently out . If you had an arrival scheduled in the next week or so we most likely have put your furniture out in preparation of your arrival if requested to do so.

We will monitor this closely and make the call soon and advise everyone of our actions in regards to closing accordion shutters and putting furniture away starting Monday.  If the 5:00 Advisory changes and  the storm moves more east we will  start our hurricane preparations starting tomorrow.  Please note we could do this and the storm could miss us, which is always a chance
I will keep everyone up to date on the situation as it is changing at each advisory