Last Updated on August 20, 2020 by Gardens Home Management Services

I wanted to give everyone an update on the Tropical Depression that has formed in the Atlantic Ocean and has a possible threat to our region. We have been watching this storm closely and earlier today  we were put in the cone of uncertainty.  The National Hurricane Center is not sure on the exact direction but has stated that they do not predict the storm to be more than a low grade Category 1 storm and could only be a tropical storm.  It could also miss us completely .

As we know the meteorologists are not always accurate or correct in their predictions  and storms do change. However based on their  predictions the storm is not going to be a powerful storm. This leaves us in a dilemma as we do not have much time to act as the storm is going to hit our area sometime Monday morning per the predictions.

I am not inclined to start closing homes up and spending your money when it is not needed .  If you would like us to close your home up by either closing your accordion shutters or putting your furniture away we will need to be made aware by tomorrow at August 21st at noon so we can mobilize crews for the weekend.  We unfortunately need a decision by this time on how you would like us proceed as we cannot wait any longer . If the storm track changes on Saturday we will not be able to react quick enough as the crews will not be in place if you then decide you want your home closed up.

Please let us know if you would like us to close your shutters or put your furniture away so we can close up and secure your home for this potential storm.