Last Updated on June 23, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

Step 1: Before you start your home improvement project, run some financial numbers to determine whether your project is a smart investment. The numbers include the estimated costs, home value assessment, financing costs, and other related calculations.

Step 2: Your 2nd step in home remodeling is deciding what you would like to do. This includes reviewing home remodeling ideas, home improvement plans, architectural styles, floor layouts, home product galleries and more.

Step 3: After you have collected your ideas and reviewed existing house plans, it’s time to sketch your plan. This plan may include an architectural design (if needed), and the remodeling specification plan.

Step 4: Find and negotiate the contract with a home remodeling contractor. Give your remodeling ideas and specs to a contractor for review and bid analysis.

Step 5: Arrange financing once you select the contractor and finalize the contract for your project. There are two financing options available: 1) get a home equity line of credit to fund your project as expenses occur; or 2) refinance your home with a cash-out position to pay for your home remodeling project.

Step 6: This is where the project begins. Understanding how the process works will ensure the project gets done under your satisfactory eye.

Gardens Home Management Services Can Help!
Customizing for the requirements, taste and style of our clients is one of our specialties and it shows in the diversity of custom remodeling projects we designed and built. Our Home Remodeling and Home Improvement service provides an unparalleled degree of excellence. We will oversee and execute all aspects of the design as well as the construction of your project. This continuity of service will save you time and money as well as give you an active role in your home remodeling project.