Last Updated on August 1, 2020 by Gardens Home Management Services

I wanted to give everyone an update in regards to the storm that is approaching our area.  The storm which the meteorologists were predicting was going to miss us and if it was going to hit us was going to be a tropical storm.

Now they are calling for a Hurricane Category 1 storm to possibly hit our area with the bulls eye  between Deer field Beach and the Jupiter area.  We are out preparing homes to secure them and will be closing all homes that have accordion shutters and storing all furniture if requested.  If you are on our list and did not decline service we will be at your home to secure for the storm. If you declined service and now want service it will be very difficult to get completed but reach out to us and if we can assist we will try but I cannot guarantee as the storm is supposed to have winds in the 30 to 40 miles per hour starting in the afternoon.

Storms are very unpredictable this is why we plan many months ahead of time and organize where and who we will be servicing for a storm. Our priority is our clients and we are doing everything in our means to make sure your home is secure.  I am sure you can imagine how overwhelming this task is but we will get it handled even though we had very little time and had late minute requests as no one expected this storm to be a hurricane. . As I write this email crews are still out securing homes and we will begin again tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM   If you want to contact us regarding your home  it is best to email us at as it is easier to manage and we can respond quicker.

Please note if your home as aluminum or metal panels we will not be installing for this storm as it was only predicted to be a tropical storm till 5:00 PM today and is only predicted to be a Category 1 or a low Category 2 storm.  The expense to put up the panels and then take down did not warrant this action and there was not enough time to complete.

Preparing for storms is tough enough but adding the COVID crisis and securing the proper staff to secure your homes has even been more challenging. It is also challenging when homeowner associations do not give permission to the last minute. There were some communities that did not give the go ahead till 3:00 PM which gives us a small window to get things completed. However I am proud of the team as they are working diligently to complete the task that we are faced with

I will be sending another update out tomorrow afternoon to give everyone an update . If you did not get a copy of your hurricane report please email us and we will send the report to you. Sometimes the report goes to spam.

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy during the unprecedented times due to the COVID crisis.

Take care and stay safe