Last Updated on August 30, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

Good Evening!!!

Yesterday I sent out an update on Tropical Storm Idalia.   Tonight’s update is that the storm is now a Major Hurricane and will be hitting the west coast of Florida .  The storm is moving quickly and is predicted to make landfall sometime tomorrow morning

Things change very quickly when it comes to storms and the storms are VERY UNPREDICTABLE and we cannot always take what the National Hurricane Center is reporting to be exactly what is going to occur.  Two days ago they were just predicting a Tropical Storm event and now not even 48 hours later they are predicting a minimum of a Category 3 Storm to hit the coast and might even be stronger due to the warm waters of the Gulf and the Atlantic. The temperatures of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico are the warmest they have been in over 80 years.

We are fortunate this storm is not hitting our area but our prayers go to the people of the West Coast of Florida where the storm will be making landfall.  My vigilance is heightened as the National Hurricane Center is not giving us time to make sure homes are secured should another storm threaten our area.  If any other storms are even a possibility of hitting we will be starting our preparations early as we cannot wait until the last minute. I will be sure to keep you continually updated.   I would prefer to be  cautious and  err on the side of safety than to wait and be caught off guard.

To learn more about the path of the storm and information regarding Hurricane Idalia please visit the National Hurricane Center website.

As always if you have any questions regarding storm preparation please call our office so we can assist

Thanks and Be Safe!!!