Last Updated on April 26, 2023 by Gardens Home Management Services

I wanted to give everyone an update on the storm and the closing up of your home. As you may or may not be aware the National Hurricane Center has changed the forecast. The South Florida region is in the cone and they are predicting a Category 4 storm to hit the coast of Florida, they are just not sure where. It could be north of Orlando to as low as Miami and we are in the middle. This has an area as large as my slice in golf and that is not very comforting. Pardon my humor, it’s only to relieve the stress of the effort going into preparing your home.

In anticipation of the National Hurricane Center being wrong, we started our preparations on Tuesday and many homes have been closed & we are glad we did. Our crews are out there working sun up to beyond sun down. We will be to your home prior to the storm hitting Sunday. We still have today, tomorrow and Saturday to prepare homes for the storm, so rest assured we will be there. After we have closed each home, we are sending a close-down report via email. If your house has not been closed, you would not have received it yet. If you want to email me I can respond and send you a copy or can let you know when you are on the schedule for. Our office is being inundated with phone calls and most of them are from non clients who want our service. We are turning away any new business as my commitment is to close up our present customers.

If there is an item we missed at your home and you need us to go back, please let us know. I have dedicated a crew on Saturday to do any go backs. The crews are running hard and as fast as they can, so there could be an item that was missed that we will get taken care of.

I am hoping future reports and the track of this storm does change for the better but will keep you notified. I will be sending another update tomorrow and each day for that matter. Our goal is to have all homes closed that we had committed to by Saturday night as the storm is coming in sometime Sunday/Monday and this gives us a chance for all the employees to take the needed time to close their homes as well. I also need to get my house closed up or my wife is going to kill me :)

Thanks for your understanding during this difficult time, we’re doing our best to get everything completed in a very short period of time. Please continue to look back on our website for more updates regarding this storm.


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