Last Updated on September 1, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

Good Morning and Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!!!

Last night at 9:15 PM  we finished closing all of our homes that we were requested to and originally signed up to be on the hurricane program.  We also completed hurricane inspections on all homes, to make sure all doors, windows, garage latches and any loose items ,as well as responded to any requests and concerns regarding your home to secure your home for whatever mother nature throws at us  .The good news is that the storm has taken a turn and at this time it does not appear we will be getting the full brunt of the storm as was predicted on Thursday.  However we are still in the cone and with the unpredictability of this storm we are still very concerned on it’s path. The storm is massive and powerful and is a Category 4 storm. I am not a weatherman so I am not predicting where this thing will go however I will tell you if it turns to our area it will be a major major problem.

Now that all our homes are secure I closed the office last night and we will wait it out to see what occurs.  We are closed today and Monday which is Labor Day.  If there is a true emergency please email me or call our emergency number at 561-625-5700 and we will do what we can to accommodate  if possible.  I am very proud and grateful to my team.  They worked tirelessly to prepare your homes for the storm. We were starting at 6:00 AM each morning for the last 5 days and crews were not coming until after dark.  They gave up there Holiday weekend  as they are dedicated to serving our customers . They now as well as myself are finally home to prepare our homes for the storm and get some rest.
Now we sit back and wait to see where the storm hits . On Monday we are now suppose to receive tropical force winds which will continue into Tuesday. If this is the case I will not be opening the office on Tuesday as it will not be safe for the employees to be out on the road or inspecting homes.  Once the all clear is given we will reopen.  Our first order of business will be to inspect all homes . This is not a home watch but a hurricane inspection . This will also depend on severity of the storm . I will continue to update you on this as will know more tomorrow morning and will include this in my update.   We also will be opening homes for clients who are in residence first . You do not need to call the office asking to be reopened. We have you on the list and will get to you as soon as physically possible.  With regards to the community associations that require  removing shutters and opening accordions we will address those homes after we have inspected every home for any damage and opened up homes for clients who are here.  We will be sending a report via email to you on the condition of your home. If we do not have Internet we have a contingency plan to be able to communicate this as well.  We have already loaded the teams tablets up with there inspection schedules.  If there is no Internet the plan is they bring there tablets into the office  at the end of day with all the information and then at night a staff member will drive to an area that was not affected and the reports will be sent to you but you will not be receiving them till the end of the day but you will get them . Reports will have all the notes of your house and will have pictures. It will take us two days to do all the inspections of the homes.
Please remember we may lose power which affects many things. We will not have Internet , phones etc so please be patient if we do not respond immediately back to you.  We do have a contingency plan in place.  We have VOIP phones and someone is stationed outside of the storms path to be able to receive the calls and respond back to you.  This person will also be able to receive emails. . Please feel free to email me but also please send your emails to  This is an email address we set up for the storm in case I am not able to receive emails.
That’s about all for now. I will send another update tomorrow .  Please email me if you have any questions and I will do my best to respond to you as quickly as possible.   I also want to thank all of you for working with us.  You have been great in your communication to our office and I am very grateful for this.  During the storm the only thing that will help you during all the stress and anxiety is to keep your sense of humor. This has allowed us  to make all this happen.
Have a great day !!!!