Last Updated on July 25, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

Whether you spend the majority of your time at your South Florida home or whether you are only there for a few months a year, the peace of mind that comes along with knowing someone is keeping an eye on your home is priceless. HomeWatch Service consists of weekly inspections of your home by our fully licensed, bonded and insured HomeWatch Specialists.

Electronic Reporting
After each inspection is completed, you will received an electronic report sent via email with a date and time stamp of when we were at your home. In the report you will find a detailed list of the items we inspected along with picture/image recommendations.

Monitor Severe Weather
We monitor severe weather warnings and provide emergency preparations. As many residents know, tropical storms and hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to a property, which is why we have a prevention strategy.

Emergency Response
Emergency response services to any security system alarms. This emergency response is offered around the clock, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Licensed & Insured
One of the advantages of using Gardens is that we check licensing for all of our contractors. We have an electronic database and are automatically notified should something go wrong.

HomeWatch Services