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South Florida has an impressive and formidable collection of private estate communities with many seasonal residents. This is an extremely popular lifestyle choice for retirees and semi-retired people who enjoy the seasonal changes of their northern residences in the spring, summer and fall months and the ideal South Florida climate in the winter. These people, affectionately known as “snowirds” make the annual trek to South Florida around Thanksgiving and return to their northern enclaves sometime after Passover or Easter.

It is reassuring to many to know that someone will “keep an eye” on their home while they are away. Many people arrange to have someone perform weekly HomeWatch visits. This is an inexpensive “insurance policy”. However, special care should be taken when choosing a service provider to be sure that the person or company has a reputable background, and has been adequately trained in home inspections of this nature. With our HomeWatch service, the homeowner contracts to have their house inspected in their absence to ensure that there are no signs of leaks, insect or pest problems, security system alerts, or other visible maintenance needs. A complete interior and exterior inspection of the home is conducted with close attention paid to proper operation of the mechanical systems including air conditioning, pool and spa equipment, and plumbing and electrical systems.

To reassure you that we are showing up and conducting our weekly visit, our HomeWatch technology allows us to send you an email after we complete every visit. These emails are date and time stamped to show you when we were in your home. The email also shows you a checklist of everything that was inspected and notifies you if there is anything that is not status quo. With our most recent updates to the software, we are now able to send PICTURES when we find an exception while inspecting your home.

During each inspection we check: general security, pest problems, weather and/or water damage, air condition system upkeep, electrical system, plumbing system, pool, landscape, and maintenance.

Let Gardens Home Management HomeWatch service provide you with exceptional care and attention to your home, in your absence.

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