Last Updated on June 21, 2024 by Gardens Home Management Services

Happy First Day Of Summer!!

For the past 6 weeks it has already felt like summer with temperatures in the 90’s and a heat index reading over 104 Degrees on a number of days. We’ve experienced a tremendous amount of rain during the week of June 10th, which was great for the shrubs & grass; but was also the cause of roof leaks which we are monitoring closely.

Roof leaks can happen whether you have a new home, a new roof, or an aged roof. My house, for example, which is only 3 years old, had a roof leak this past week from all the rain we had. During our homewatch inspections we will look for any leaks and if anything is wrong at the house, will reach out to you immediately.

We are watching the tropics very closely as they are predicting a busy hurricane season. We have held countless meetings to discuss processes and procedures and will be ready to secure your home if a storm comes our way. If your furniture is still out, we recommend putting it away for the season. We can always bring your furniture back out if you are arriving for a visit or have guests coming to your home.

Please be sure you are receiving and reading your homewatch reports. If you have not received a report, please check your spam folder and call the office so we can rectify it for you immediately.

Our clients who do not have housekeeping services during the summer months, have been taking advantage of our monthly freshen-up service. Our housekeeping staff comes in and cleans all toilets to eliminate toilet rings, mops all floors and dust. This helps keep the house clean as well as the toilets, as flushing alone will not accomplish this.

If there is anything we can assist with, please let us know as we are here to help with your home in any way possible. Most importantly we hope everyone has a great summer wherever you are spending it! We truly appreciate the trust you have put in the company to watch over your home.

All the best!!!!