Last Updated on March 18, 2020 by Gardens Home Management Services

Yesterday the staff and I were brainstorming ideas of how we can help our clients during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.  The Corona virus (Covid-19) has  affected each and everyone of us in various ways and now the President has declared a National Emergency.
 If you need to push up your departure but need help with arrangements with regards to closing up your home or possibly shipping a car up north but are out of time do not stress. We will assist and can make sure your home is closed down and meet the car carrier for your car so it can be delivered to you and ship anything you need to you at the address you are heading to.  Just let us know your departure date and any special instructions and we will assist you .
We are also offering the following service to our existing clients if y0u are feeling ill,  been exposed to the virus and are self quarantined for your protection.  We will pick up your groceries for you at the nearest Publix and have delivered to you
Here is how it works :
Order online and pay for it.
Place the order under your name 
Tell them it is for pick up by Gardens Home Management
Email us at that an order has been made and we will respond back to you to confirm 
Please make the pick up for the next business day as we cannot promise we will be able to deliver the same day the order is made
We will deliver it and drop it off at your front door and leave. (M- Friday 8 to 5)
Our staff is washing their hands constantly, carrying sanitizer with them and wearing disposable gloves 
Publix offers this service but if you want our help we are here for you to assist
To Order go to Publix (go online and type in Publix Delivery and set up an account with Instacart , use the pick up option and pick the publix in your zip code) Let us know which publix you ordered from the confirmation number so we can go pick up for you 
Josephs also offering this service. All you have to  just call them 799-0322 and place and pay for the order and we will pick up and deliver to you . 
We would normally charge $75 per hour for the delivery service however with everything going on WE ARE NOT CHARGING FOR THIS SERVICE AS ALL WE WANT TO DO IS HELP OUR CLIENTS IN NEED AS YOU HAVE HELPED US OVER THE YEARS.  This service is being offered through April 4th at this time. 
If you have any questions please let us know. At Gardens Home Management our job is to work and assist our clients. We are doing everything we can on our part to give The Peace of Mind you deserve and expect .
Thanks and Stay Healthy