Last Updated on July 15, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL – August 03, 2009 – Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS), a full-service home management company serving private homes in the Palm Beach Gardens region of South Florida, announced that the company has gone green. Taking the company’s commitment to going green even one step further, Chip Sollins, President & CEO, is offering tips to homeowners on how they too can go green in 2009.

As part of its pledge to the environment, GHMS is placing a heavy concentration on paper reduction both in the office and with clients. The company now offers online statements to all clients, communicates to the customer with only print emails that are absolutely necessary in their signatures and is promoting less printing of unnecessary materials internally. The company’s work with multiple contractors has also enabled them to request that contractors follow their lead and are promoting the use of green products.

To join the GHMS commitment to going green and take steps towards a healthy home, Chip Sollins recommends:

1. Reducing water temperature to save on energy costs.
2. Reducing the temperature on the thermostat to save on energy costs.
3. Getting a high-performance shower head to use less water.
4. Cleaning your lint trap regularly to reduce energy use.
5. Using chemical free, natural cleaners.
6. Replacing major appliances with Energy Star Appliances to reduce energy costs.
7. Installing double-pane windows.
8. Removing all carpet to improve air quality.
9. Using houseplants to clean the air in your home and for oxygen production.
10. Contracting your provider about using Green Energy.