Last Updated on July 25, 2019 by Gardens Home Management Services

Customer service is our number one priority at Gardens Home Management Services.
Our goal is to give you access to communicate with us in a simpler way. We have created a new mobile website that will allow you to submit service requests, ask questions, etc. By following the steps below, you can add our Mobile Site as an app to your home page:

Android / Tablet:

1. Open the internet app on your phone
2. Type in into the search bar
3. Once the website loads, scroll down all the way to the bottom of the screen
4. Click on “view site in mobile-classic”
5. When you have the app open, go to settings (top right corner for google)
6. Click add to home screen

iPhone / iPad:

1. Open the safari app on your phone
2. Type in into the search bar
3. At the bottom you will see a box with an arrow pointing up, click this
4. On the bottom row you will see an icon that says “add to home screen”
5. Save the icon with the name GHMS
6. Go back to your home page and click the icon to have access to our mobile site!

Contact us today if you need further assistance to set up the mobile site app on your phone!