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Advantages of Above Ground Pools

The main advantage of above ground swimming pools is their cost. The cost of buying necessary material and setting it up is generally three or four times less expensive than comparable in-ground pools. Above ground pools are also mobile and can move to other locations on the lawn or with its owners when they move. Further, pool season in most places only lasts for part of the year.

While in-ground pools continue to use up valuable lawn space, above ground pools can be removed to allow access to the lawn. For family’s with small children, an above ground pools’ elevation can greatly decrease the likelihood of a child falling in.

Above ground pools are sometimes considered less attractive than in-ground pools, but, with a bit of effort, they can be made to look as attractive as the owners wish. A popular trend is to build a deck surrounding the pool. If the homeowners may consider selling their home in the future, an above ground pool has a few advantages. Some buyers do not want a pool; some see a pool as an expensive obligation that they will never use. Above ground pools can be removed if the buyer chooses.

Advantages of In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools, while more expensive than above ground pools, generally add to a home’s value. Though the initial investment is high, their cost may be partially recouped if the home is sold in the future. Homeowners, however, need to consider how much this will change their property tax costs. In-ground pools are custom-built, which allows homeowners to design them how they wish.

Different style options, tiling and colors allow the pool to be built in such a way that it matches the home. Further, in-ground pools can be built in any shape the homeowners desire. Most above ground pools are circular in design; in-ground pools can be any shape imaginable.

Choosing the right pool for one’s home and family is, ultimately, a highly personal decision. If cost and flexibility are the main concerns, an above ground pool is likely the right decision. If, instead, customizability is at the top of the list, an in-ground pool is probably best. For most families, an above ground pool is likely to be the best option.

The investment potential of in-ground pools in most regions is fairly low, and customer satisfaction surveys actually indicate that owners of above ground pools are happier with their decision. Further, families can later later sell their above ground swimming pools if they wish to switch to an in-ground pool; those purchasing in-ground pools first must give up this flexibility.

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