Gardens Home Management Services is a full-service home maintenance company serving the finest communities in Boynton Beach.

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Home Maintenance in Boynton Beach
Keeps Your Property Well Maintained

Florida’s unique and varied weather conditions as well as the general wear-and-tear that comes with owning a house, mean that homeowners in Boynton Beach need to keep a close watch on all parts of the property from the exterior wall to the water heater. On the other hand, you could simply hire a professional home maintenance service to do it for you.

Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS) not only offers maintenance for your garden and landscape, but also for both the interior and exterior of your buildings.

Landscape and Garden Maintenance

Our team of qualified, experienced, and licensed contractors takes year-round care of your yard. Our services include:


We can do basic weekly maintenance, including, basic mowing and trimming. We can even design and install your landscaped yard from the start.

Handyman Services

We also have teams of licensed, bonded handymen who can cover all your home maintenance needs. Our many happy clients call upon us regularly to do all or some of the following:

  • Appliance installations

  • Assembling,

  • Blind and/or curtain installations

  • Window Caulking

  • Door repairs,

  • Drain cleaning,

  • Garage maintenance,

  • Hanging of pictures,

  • Locks,

  • Porches,

  • Shelving,

  • Plumbing,

  • and much more…….

Pool and Spa Maintenance

Our pool experts will also take care of your pool and spa, offering weekly maintenance services that include vacuuming, chemical checks and corrections, tile scrubbing as well as filter cartridge cleaning. Your pool will be kept in a pristine and sparkling blue condition all year around.

Don’t let home and yard maintenance get you down. Leave it to the professionals and rest assured that, with a long-term maintenance service, every part of your home will be kept in the best shape imaginable. 

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