Last Updated on August 12, 2021 by Gardens Home Management Services

I wanted to give everyone an update on Tropical Storm Fred. The good news is that the storm appears to be heading west of and we will only have a rainy and windy weekend per the National Hurricane Center.

We will be taking NO action to secure any homes or move any furniture as the area is only predicted to have rainfall in the amounts of 2-3 inches and wind gusts of 25 to 30 miles an hour.  Please note I am not a meteorologist and rely heavily on the National Hurricane Center forecasts in my emails. The National Hurricane center website has a plethora of information. Click here to view the website.

We are just about to hit the peak of hurricane season which lasts from Mid-August – Mid October. I will continually update you on any storms and actions we will be taking to secure your home when storms are predicted for the area.